Finding Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

Many insurance companies are reluctant to provide travel insurance to cancer patients. In fact, most insurers are reluctant to cover people with pre-existing medical conditions. That’s because they consider them more likely to file claims. For instance, you might be required to cancel a trip due to ill health. You may also need expensive treatment for a medical condition while away.

However, it’s still possible to get travel insurance even with a pre-existing condition like cancer. Actually, there are two options. A mainstream insurer can agree to cover your trip. However, they may exclude cover for claims that relate to cancer.

These include:

  • If cancer makes too sick to travel
  • If you visit a hospital to receive cancer treatment while traveling
  • If you visit a hospital because of a disease caused by cancer

In case any of these happens, you will pay the expenses from your pocket.

Specialist Firms Provide Comprehensive Travel Insurance

There are specialist firms that provide comprehensive travel insurance to cancer patients. Essentially, these insurance firms provide insurance to people with pre-existing conditions like cancer. However, be ready to pay higher premiums for this insurance because claim risk is always higher.

When buying this insurance, you will be asked many questions regarding cancer diagnosis, the grade and stage of your disease and prognosis. Thus, you may have a distressing experience. However, it will be easy if you go to purchase the insurance with all the required information. Your insurer will most likely ask for a confirmation letter from your doctor.

Generally, it’s possible to get travel insurance when you have cancer. Premiums for the insurance vary depending on the treatment stage and severity of the disease. What’s more, the countries that you want to travel to will influence the price of your cancer travel insurance. Therefore, conduct some research and compare different cancer travel insurance policies to make a more informed choice.

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