Gearing Up to go Snowboarding

In this part you’ll learn more about the necessary snowboarding gear you’ll need. Obviously this been a winter sport we want to make sure we’re wearing the correct apparel to be out there in the corresponding weather conditions for a long time. Besides staying warm it’s necessary to be comfortable with what you’re wearing when ready to perform tricks.

When it comes to snowboarding, wearing layers is the way to go. The whole reason for this is that you’d be able to take a layer off if it wasn’t too cold. The best layering system has three parts to it, it keeps you warm, lights, and dry. We’ll show you how you can layer up for your first time out snowboarding.

The First Layer: Warmth

So the base layer is going to be what’s closest to your body. These pieces actually keep you warm and dry. You can find specially made close that has the technology to keep your body as dry and warm as possible. The best type are the ones that keep you comfortable since you’ll be doing all kinds of moving.

From your feet up:


Its best you get snowboarding socks to make sure you get the best fit for your boots. Been in snow all day you want to make sure your toes keep dry. You can either get thick or thin snowboarding socks, but it’s recommended you get the thin ones since your boots will have insulation already. Getting a nice pair of snowboarding socks will guarantee you specialized protection compare to just regular socks.


For snowboarding they make thermal underwear and it’s the best to go with. A special material keeps you comfortable and warm without scratching.

Body Shirt

Long sleeve thermal body shirt is the best way to go. It will also depend on the weather conditions, being comfortable are what are all about. You don’t want to be too hot, but just right. With all these three as your base layer snowboarding clothes you shouldn’t have a problem on the powder.

Second Layer: Insulation

The next layer is all about insulation. The whole goal of your clothes here are to keep the warm air and get rid of sweat to keep you nice and dry. For this layer you want to use materials like fleece and wool, they’re light but also keep the moisture away.

Again it all depends on the conditions of the weather you decide if you want to wear this layer. On some days you can get away from putting this layer on.


Snowboarding boots are made specifically for your bindings, so you need some for sure otherwise you can’t stick to your board. Sizes work the same as normal shoes, the difference is the way they connect you to the board. If you want good boots they’ll cost you a pretty penny, but the good thing is that they last a while.

Thermal Snowboarding Pants

Three factors when it comes to the pants you buy; breathability, waterproofing, and fit. Besides that a good pair will keep you warm and dry and have some padding to protect you from any accident.

Snowboard Fleece

Since you don’t want to be too warm, it depends on how sunny and hot the day is. Sometimes you can get away with just the body shirt, but if you have to use a second layer go with wool or fleece wear. And finally pick something that fits your style, there’s many to choose from.

Layer three: Outwear

There are two things that this layer does; keeping all the snow and water out and allow for all the moisture to leave your body. This layer completes the whole layer system and you should be able to combat any snowboarding weather. Something to remember is that the snowboarding outwear you get is waterproofed and wind proofed.

Snowboarding Jacket

A good jacket is windproof and water repellant. It’s also comfortable, functional, and stylish. It also allows your body to breathe so all heat collected from all the other layers comes out.

Snowboarding Gloves

A good pair of snowboarding gloves has a grippy palm, Gore-

Tex inserts, and they’re insulated. As long as your hands are happy, meaning they are staying dry and warm your gloves are doing their job. Snowboarding Goggles

Going down you’ll be exposed to the snow, sun and trees. Having a cool pair of goggles is a good idea. As long as they don’t fly off your head while jibbing down the mountain and you can see the trail without the sun bothering you, you’ll be cool with the pair you buy.

A cool Beanie or Hat

Probably one of the most important parts to snowboarding is you head. Because most of your body heat will come from your head it’s a good idea to have a beanie or hat. And finally don’t forget your Helmet for protection.

Your Snowboard

In order to snowboard you need one, it’s probably the main point of snowboarding. There are a couple of factors to look at before picking one, one of them is the style of snowboarding that you’re going to be doing. To get an idea look at this guide to the different snowboarding types.

Snowboard Bindings

They’ll come in three different sizes small, medium, and large. You want to make sure that your snowboard boots attach well to your bindings and that your bindings are nice and sturdy. Getting the right size is crucial because you don’t want to be uncomfortable when riding. You want to make sure you have full control over your board.

Having all your layers right is a good idea for better performance and safety while snowboarding. You don’t want to be wearing clothes that are too tight or to lose, it’s all about finding the perfect fit, style and body temperature. You won’t have a problem finding what you need thanks to all the brands and the technology that all the snowboarding gear has nowadays it’s easy to get what you want and need. Good luck on finding the style that fits you!