Kids Snowboards

So it’s a good time to buy your kid a snowboards. You can find a huge variety of places that specifically only sell kids snowboards and some of these spots are offering huge discounts before the season is over. So if you’re almost done with the season or your “kids snowboard” all year long this might be the best time find a good board on sale and save some dough.

Let’s look at some of those companies that sell kids snowboards:

Zumiez Kids Snowboards

Looking at their website you’ll find around three different models of snowboards for your son or daughter. I only found 12 different boards so their variety is not the best of all, unlike the next website.

The House Boardshop

At the House they had a lot more to choose from, first was variety and second brands. The cool thing is that they got a 40% discount going on, on all 2010 items so if you have more than one kid, buying new boards can save you  a pretty penny.

Besides having brands like Burton, Lib, and Alibi at the House they also carry LTD, Morrow, M3, Ride and other well known brands that you and your kid might be familiar with.

REIREI did not stick out to much when it came to snowboarding. They only have 6 models that I saw.


Although they didn’t have a lot of boards to offer for kids, they did have a variety of good quality accessories. Anything from snowboarding hats, gloves, and bindings too.


They don’t focus specifically on snowboarding, but when I did a search on kids snowboards they came back with 22 results, which isn’t to shabby for a company who’s main focus is hiking.

Other places to find good deals for your child if they’re maybe just starting out.

For cheap kids snowboards go to winterkids, for used kids boards I would look on Craiglist or e

Bay, and for kids snowboard packages there really wasn’t many different places besides just going to The House or K2 snowboarding and building your package for your little ones.

Anyway I hope this information has helped you in some way to find what you were looking for. If you have any suggestions of what place to use or maybe an experience of buying kids hardgoods for snowboarding share it with the community in the comments section.

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