Snowboard Stomp Pad

The increased popularity and evolution of snowboarding has caused numerous improvements to the sport. With its popularity came more advanced materials to be used on the snowboarding accessories. Along the boards came bindings, clothing, boots and accessories such as snowboard stomp pads. Snowboarding companies continuously devise ways to further improve the sport and make it safer for all.

A snowboard stomp pad is an accessory that is quickly becoming an essential part of the snowboarding sport. It is a form of protection to keep from slipping off the snowboard during those hard runs down the mountain. It is attached to the top of the snowboard to provide the grip needed to keep the feet firmly in place. It also helps control the snowboard under extreme conditions. Aside from the protection that it gives, it helps make the user a more professional snowboarder because of the comfort that it gives. It allows you to make movements more flexible, safer, and thus more fun.

Stomp pad types come in various shapes such as round, rectangle, or square to match any type of board. It can be bought directly from stores that stock snowboarding equipment, but if one is creative enough they can make an improvised stomp pad themselves. Making your own stomp pad is not that difficult. All that is needed is a sticker made of some traction material. It is pretty much a sticker on the one side and a traction pad on the other placed along side the rear binding.

To firmly mount the snowboard stomp pad, remove the cover of the sticky side and attach it to the snowboard. Try not to have any air bubbles to make sure the sticker will hold under any condition and temperature. If it is correctly placed, your foot should be next to the rear binding and the stomp pad should be directly underneath your boot. A snowboard stomp pad that is placed properly will give enough flexibility on the board while giving better traction between the board and the feet.