Snowboarding Rack

People don’t typically walk around with their snowboards, correct? So, whenever they are transported from home to the snowboarding getaway, a snowboarding rack on the roof of the car is an addition worth considering.

Installing a snowboarding rack on your car’s roof can be harder than it looks. The snowboard must be properly balanced to avoid slippage or loud thud noisces whenever a bump is hit when travelling down the road. To achieve total balance, the snowboard must be positioned in such a way that the front bar of the roof rack has around 2 1/2″ spacing from the snowboard’s front. And when putting the board on make sure you turn the snowboard upside down, with its handle facing the roof of the car. The snowboarding rack and the roof rack should ideally be made by the same manufacturer since not all snowboards are compatible with the conventional roof rack of different car models.

It is pretty important that straps or bungies are used to be able to securely attach the snowboard on the front as well as the rear bars of the roof rack. Also, locking can be accomplished by using padlocks with cables between the two handles of the rack on the front section. In some cars, the roof rack has only a very low clearance with the roof. If this is the case, simply place a foam pad or a customized spacer to prevent the handle of the snowboard from constantly hitting and damaging the car’s roof.

A customized rack is also available today for use in homes. Typical snowboarding racks can handle from only a single to up to four snowboards in an upright vertical position. A good rack must be sturdy, unbreakable, and not require periodic maintenance. By using a snowboarding rack, one can avoid damage to the flooring and walls. They also serve as protection, not only to the snowboard itself, but also to young children and unsuspecting pets.