Snowboarding Wax

Snowboarding wax is a product that is used to protect your snowboard from the sometimes harsh effects of temperature and humidity. It can also be used to get better performance out of the snowboarder while racing down a hill. Low atmospheric humidity as well as dry snow conditions will usually have a damaging effect to a snowboard. The typical wear and tear is also hastened with its unnecessary exposure to the elements.

Various hot, rub-on or cake wax products are available and do a great job waxing the board. Normally, the manufacturers of these wax products are Burton, DaKine, and Toko. A hot wax is usually applied in conjunction with fluoride to repel water, thus, avoiding the snowboard from getting damp and creating excess moisture. It is usually applied right on the snowboard with a wax applicator. Additionally, the rub-on wax is also added with fluoride and differs from hot wax only in terms of its’ application. Rub-on comes in a convenient push-up stick for easy, even application.

A rub-on snowboarding wax is rubbed on and then buffed out with a buffing pad, making the snowboard smooth as well as shiny. In a similar fashion, a cake wax is also mixed with fluoride and can be rubbed on just like the rub-on waxes. When applied, these waxes should be buffed to improve the appearance and condition of the snowboard. When researching brands try to find ones that are built to stand up to a wide range of temperatures.

With time and alot of use, a snowboard will begin to lose its luster. It’s for this reason that a snowboarding wax must be re-applied every once in a while. It is important before application that the base be cleaned properly with a snowboarding wax remover. A wax remover is a cleaning liquid designed to thoroughly clean all types of bases. Aggressive remover agents must not be used in a snowboard since it can create leaching on the snowboard which will damage its appearance.