What Snowboarding Equipment do I Need?

If you want to ride, first thing you’ll need to do is “Suit Up”. One of the many cool things of this sport is the fashion aspect of it. Everyone has their own individual style so you don’t have to fit in into any standard gear. When you’re just getting started you’ll need to get several differentsnowboarding pieces. Being exposed to the elements forces you to wear clothing that keeps you warm and dry. The best gear protects snowboarders from snow and the sun at all times. The most important part is the safety.

In this section you’ll find all the snowboarding gear and equipment you’ll need plus a small overview of everything.

Snowboarding Helmets

Every snowboarder should wear one. With so many new incidents every year, it’s better to be on the safe side and wear one. It protects your head in case of a crash or fall.

Snowboarding Hats

Trying to stay warm is one of the goals of the snowboarder, wearing a stylish hat is not a bad idea. It also keeps you warm when you take of your helmet after riding.

Snowboarding Goggles

They help riders prevent sun glare from the sky or the reflection of the sun on the snow. But they also protect you from high speed wind and snow coming in your eyes.

Snowboarding Waterproofed Gloves

Again, keeping yourself warn at all times is crucial to enjoy riding. You don’t want to be riding with your hands frozen.

Snowboarding Jackets

With so many styles to choose from you can get overwhelmed. But it comes down to the location where you’re riding and the weather conditions and of course your style.

Snowboarding Pants

These pants are specifically designed for snowboarding. They keep you warm, dry, comfortable and in some cases they’re padded to protect you when you fall. Besides being fashionable, they’re all about flexibility when riding.

Snowboarding Boots

When it comes to performance, the boots matter the most. If you get a good pair of snowboard boots you guarantee yourself more control of your riding.

Snowboarding Bindings

Binding are what keep you attached to the board. Making sure you’re securely fastened to the board is just as significant as a good board and a good pair of boots.

Here you can basically find out more about all the gear that a snowboarder wears underneath all the cool clothes. Having the correct amount of layers is important if you want to be out riding all day free of worry. See what the right layers that you need in here are.

If you were to compare to other sports, you’ll find that relatively theirs a lot more to wear in snowboarding. Our job here is to help you get all the right snowboard equipment and gear that you need to get you out on the mountain safe, so you can have a ton of fun the first time you go snowboarding.