Women’s Snowboards

It’s really important that a woman ride a women’s snowboard for a couple of reasons. Because how the boards are mounted and the flex and side-cut are definitely different from the guys board. You need to understand that woman’s body are different than a guys. This is another reason why a girls board will be constructed differently from a man’s.

Usually you’ll find that these boards are a lot softer in the flex, than the guys, but they’ll still be stiff enough so you can go and do all the tricks that you want to. The pros are that a girl won’t have to muscle around a board as much as a guy would.

Also a girls snowboard is made out of a lighter material, making them a lot lighter to carry. The graphics are obviously more appealing to girls.note: If you’re a woman and you want to learn how to do tricks, get a women snowboard.

It’s extremely recommended for women to ride a product that is specifically made for them and their body type.

To make it easy on you, here are the top brands that you’ll find boards for women:

Burton, GNU, Rome, Rossignol

Apart from those four brands you’ll also find good quality on other brands too like, 5150, Arbor, Artec, Dub, Forum, House, Lamar, M4, Omatic, Salomon, Signal, Technine, Twenty, Silence, Santa Cruz, Palmer, Morrow, LTD, M3, Nitro, Ride, Roxy, Sapient, Sims, Venue, K2, Head, Flow, F2, Capita, DC, Avalanche, Atomic, Academy and Jeenyus snowboards.

All these brands offer a womens snowboard.

I hope you understand that it’s always your choice if you want to go with a guys snowboard. If you feel comfortable with it and you can still use the board to its capacity than it doesn’t matter if you don’t go with a girl board.

Probably the hardest part when choosing a guys board will be finding graphics, but there’s also the option of having the graphics done for you too. So I guess this wouldn’t be such a big deal if you’re rolling with the big dough.

As for pricing it doesn’t change that much compared to guys. Most of the differences are in the specifications and the graphics only.

Well I hope that this small post has help you guide your decision about buying your first or maybe next woman snowboard.

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