Questions Most Long Term Travelers Hate

In an attempt to get the most out of every destination that they visit around the world, long term travelers often put up with a lot from people and their surroundings. However, long term travelers are just humans and, some questions hit them below the belt. The following are some of the questions that most long term travelers often find annoying. 

Which Places Have You Visited Around the World?

Normally, this often seems like an obvious question that allows long term travelers to show off their exploits. However, it can sometimes sound like flattery. Besides, posing the question to a group of competing long term travelers could ignite some very heated arguments. 

Where is Your Favorite Travel Destination?

Unlike people who travel once in a while, long term travelers are excited by their next destinations. To them, the joy of travel all lies in visiting different places and, not staying at a particular destination. 

Do You Miss Your Family and Friends? 

Long term travelers miss the people they leave behind and, also know that they are missed. However, they find traveling to be more fulfilling. Asking such questions not only makes long term travelers sad but, also brings them a feeling of insecurity. 

When Are You Planning to Get a Real Job and Settle Down?

Today, there are lots of options for people to travel and work including taking teaching jobs in foreign countries and travel blogging. While some travelers might find this question to be funny, others could also feel offended by it. Long term travelers believe that by traveling, they are fulfilling their dreams and, setting down is not usually on their cards. 

Long term travelers often have a lot of reserves due to the experience of dealing with different kinds of people and situations. But, you should be cautious when asking the above questions not to get into their nerves. Sometimes, the problem lies in how you ask the questions and the situation when the questions are asked. 



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